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  2. Уже несколько дней подряд на сервере происходят сбои... Это временно, или же это голос о закрытии сервера?
  3. Что с сервером ? не пускает в игру?
  4. @detount man I can't even recall seeing a patch update that I read about drop tweaks, but anyway, THIS is a huge mess: 4%, 2%,0.2% chance of dropping an earring on each zaken difficulty. SOMEONE forgot to do some math on this one...I mean, I've cleared zaken 10 weeks str8, with 3 differenct chars and zero earrings, 30-kills-later. I mean, when nighttime (medium diff) zaken drops you moirai armor parts but refuses to drop an earring....do I really need to elaborate more? TL;DR Zaken drop tweaks are a mess, please fix it.
  5. SawnMC

    System change ideas.

    It's been a long time that i've bothered to take a look in here. Interesting topic. First of all, my dear @detount, I happen to be one of the few that actually know that these 2 +16 weapons have both appeared out of thin air. You shouldn't really talk so openly about your naughty acts. Secondly, it is time to actually take a look at the server. The server that many times has been proved that was wasted on your hands. Even today, it still has another small surge of new players in. Maybe you should consider trying to FINALLY open the server on voting websites. 1.5 years later but better late than ever eh? Thirdly, you should once and for all reconsider your stand on how your server is played. Nevermind the timeless grind of red adena (for example) that our friend mentioned above, when you sell for REAL MONEY, services that have a set time expiration, you can't also implement a total ban on botting, I've said it before, many many times. I've also never used a bot program in your server. I've taken long times out of your server, out of boredom, out of necessity of work, I still drop by. Sometimes I feel I waste my time, sometimes I wish it still had it's 300 online of the first month so I could play again. In any case, the least you can do is also care for it a similar amount.
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