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  1. Hello, why did coin collector "coins of luck" quest got deleted? How i'm supposed to get recipes for A grade weapons (soul separator - the spoil is not up to date, because with H5 some of the mobs got deleted), when spoils and drops are scuffed?
  2. Ok, i got this working, can be deleted, regards
  3. UPDATE: I am 75 lvl subclass and i can't get certified for 75 lvl skill. I got note in russian that says i'm unable to take certification. HELP ME GUYS XD UwU
  4. Hello i've got a question about subclass skill certification, it doesn't seem working, i can't get certified with my 75 lvl subclass. All i got is some notification in russian tho i'm not speaking this fun and interesting language. 2nd question is why is adamantine nugget spoil removed from fog? I see some guy selling it for stupid expensive price in giran and he has like 5k of them.
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