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  1. Honestly the very limited bag/vaul its complicated , i have to be trading things to dualbox just to save items/materials. It would be perfect if we could have more storage/inventory. Im pretty advanced in the game and have all the skills and lvld belt. Still not even enough space to save things.
  2. servers are down, lets be patient.
  3. Hi l2warskills staff. Im noticed that in the last patch you modified the yellow cargo box i would like to know the % drop in the diffrent boxes in varka/ketra alliance quest and the type of recipes /armor/ periferics . I would like to know that so i can decide wich ones to open.
  4. In my previous post you only asked if i had complete set and never answered again, more than 12 hours already and no response. PD: its not easy to farm without set bonus. WITH SET WITHOUT SET
  5. Any news? more than 10 hours and the set still not working.
  6. I have to go now, but i can help with my opinion: Probably the set passive skill ID number is not correct, the bonus in passives is not there . The set is full and even highlighted.
  7. Hi l2warskills team. I just completed the new set lvl 6 (tallum light) and its not giving any bonus stats. only p def.
  8. If you have old blue wolf you can only collect avadon to get new blue wolf. Thats why we are all complaining and leaving.
  9. Avadon materials are extremely low drop rate. i got really stressed farming materials for avadon: (Low ammount of monster and no spoil) and everyone looking for those few monsters )))). see you guys this type of modificiation is not welcome for me. Enjoy the server.
  10. I dont know why did you paste that. i said i been killing tyranosaurus so im clearly killing the right monster.
  11. Hello Warskills team. I have been killing Tyranosaurus for a period of 4 hours trying to lvl up my soul crystal to 11, the rate its suppossed to be 25 % and i kill them fast, there might be something wrong here. ( 10 minutes from lvl 0 to 10 ) 4 hours and still can pass to 11. PD: yes im using the crystal under 50 % hp.
  12. Hello Warskills team. Yesterday i did a rebirth and lost attack speed and attack etc, admin said it was a penalty up to lvl 78 the thing is that now im 78 again and my stats didnt go up i have still miss my stats, as a warrior im struggling all the time with farm . I had better stats yesterday i dont realy want to make a rebirth to end up with worst stats even after adding 2 dex. PD: i reloged rebuffed and re geared. still no improvement.
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