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  1. Never in my life i have seen a warrior being used like a mage to attack constantly pressing attack. you can say whatever you like but warriors cant pvp properly like that specially using so many skills at the same time. Warriors always attack constantly because if they only attack one and have to attack again their damage per second is less than 20 % of its original. Even holding (attack) its like 70 % slower than attackign a monster) so pvp warrior attack needs to be fixed. i wont argue anymore about this.
  2. you didn't mentioned anything about evasion because you are a mage hypocrite prick. you want to manage the entire server with your comments so your mage wont get bothered?
  3. You reply because you know if atk speed bugs get fixed it will be worst for you, warrior dps its too low with this bug mages is the same since magic wont cast slowly. just hold your magic and thats it. why do you complain about what everyone says? such a hater lol. and this need to be fixed because its the first server i have seen a 7 k atk speed character attacking like if he have 800. so cut the bullshit and shut up.
  4. Ok, i been waiting for some time for bugs and logical mistakes to get fixed but it seems like the server is only managed by players opinions and complains. 1) ATK SPEED BUG: In pvp in most world zones you can only attack one time and have to attack manually again, this is even worst when people use mirage( 7k+ atk speed to attack only 2 times per second). in 1 or 2 hours of pvp your fingers hurt of using so much f1 attack f1 attack f1 attack f1...... URGENT FIX. 2) EVASION: Evasion limit=250 ..... = ultimate evasion/ultimate escape/exciting adventure etc etc useless skills. (average accuracy 240/250 without hawkeye + hawkeye 250 / 260 ) in any server where there are pvp regular eva should be equal or a little higher than regular accuracy so there are some miss hits vs light wearing characters without using ultimate evasion but here no one misses in regular pvp. and of course if the regular eva here is 215/230 and limit 250 eva build dsnt exist.
  5. Im the only one who cant login? when i put my info it stays loading forever.
  6. Honestly the very limited bag/vaul its complicated , i have to be trading things to dualbox just to save items/materials. It would be perfect if we could have more storage/inventory. Im pretty advanced in the game and have all the skills and lvld belt. Still not even enough space to save things.
  7. servers are down, lets be patient.
  8. Hi l2warskills staff. Im noticed that in the last patch you modified the yellow cargo box i would like to know the % drop in the diffrent boxes in varka/ketra alliance quest and the type of recipes /armor/ periferics . I would like to know that so i can decide wich ones to open.
  9. In my previous post you only asked if i had complete set and never answered again, more than 12 hours already and no response. PD: its not easy to farm without set bonus. WITH SET WITHOUT SET
  10. Any news? more than 10 hours and the set still not working.
  11. I have to go now, but i can help with my opinion: Probably the set passive skill ID number is not correct, the bonus in passives is not there . The set is full and even highlighted.
  12. Hi l2warskills team. I just completed the new set lvl 6 (tallum light) and its not giving any bonus stats. only p def.
  13. If you have old blue wolf you can only collect avadon to get new blue wolf. Thats why we are all complaining and leaving.
  14. Avadon materials are extremely low drop rate. i got really stressed farming materials for avadon: (Low ammount of monster and no spoil) and everyone looking for those few monsters )))). see you guys this type of modificiation is not welcome for me. Enjoy the server.
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