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Quest Terrible Secrets (80+)

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Name: Terrible Secrets

Required character level: 80+
Type: Everyday
Quest reward: Greatness of Spirit
Starting NPC: Alexandria


1. Talk with Alexandria in Town of Giran. She will send you to Fairy Mimyu.

2. Find Fairy Mimyu in The Enchanted Valley, pay her Red Adena and get Magic Dust.

3. Find Accessory Merchant Garita in Dwarven Village and buy the Shards of Precious Stones with Red Adena.

4. Find Karuda in Crypts of Disgrace and buy Substance of Evil Spirit for Red Adena.

5. Find Dr. Chaos who resides in the Archaic Laboratory and redeem Bracelet Assembly Scheme for Red Adena.

6. Return to Alexandia with all the ingredients and receive the Greatness of Spirit, which is needed to upgrade the agathion.

You can upgrade your agation with Rooney

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