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RAR items

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Can be upgraded at the Armore Store (Giran)



The rest of the RAR things are not used (they work as standard)

2 types of RARe items: Helmet and gloves\boots


Helmet (Eternal Helmet) has 9 levels. Each level corresponds to its own set (Avadon, BW, Tallum, Majestic, S grade, Normal Dynasty, Moray, Vesper and Noble Vesper).

Avadon helmet = Eternal Helmet 1lvl

Eternal Helmet 1lvl can be worn in any Avadon set (Upgraded\Not Upgraded, Heavy\Light\Robe). The bonus set will work with these sets. With the rest, the bonus set will not work, but the characteristics from the helmet will be given. The characteristics of helmets are identical to RAR helmets.

The effects of the helmets are roughly cumulative.

Helmet characteristics




The characteristics of heavy/light/robe gloves do not differ. Boots are also no different.

We all have pictures of the things that are being replaced.

By analogy with Eternal Helmet - can be worn with any type of set, but observing the type of set (Light gloves = light set).

Characteristics of gloves and boots





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