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There are 6 levels of magic shirts in total, 6 levels of a warrior and a combined shirt (Combines a 6 level of magic shirt and 6 level of a warrior).


To get level 1 shirt you need ainhasard_shirt_box_1.jpg Shirt Ingredient or g_aga_valakas_lifespring.jpg Red Adena.

To get and upgrade a shirt, you need a ainhasard_shirt_box_1.jpg Shirt Ingredient and a kelbim_piece.jpg Dark Soul (not for all levels).

ainhasard_shirt_box_1.jpg Shirt Ingredient can be crafted in Community Board

The Super Shirt can be sharpened. There are 3 types of enchanting: Normal, Blessed and Destruction.

image.png Normal scrolls - the shirt does not break, the enchant is reset to 0. Purchased for adena in the Community Board.

image.png Blessed scrolls - the shirt does not break, the sharpening is reset to 0. 50% more sharpening chance than a regular one. Drop: All RB.

image.png Destruction scrolls - the shirt does not break and the sharpening is not discarded. Drop: All Epic RB.


Some characteristics of shits


shirt1_en.jpg shirt2_en.jpg shirt3_en.jpg shirt4_en.jpg


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