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Game Commands

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Available commands on the server:

.cfg - various settings (GUI option, for most settings there is a console command)

.exp - the exact amount of exp to the next level

.whoiam or .whoami - Additional character information

.whoapet - Additional information on pet

.help - list of available commands

.clanblock - Silent blocking of chat for a character in a clan (up to 240 minutes) (Silent - no one can see that it is blocked. When a blocked character writes to the chat, it is displayed in the system messages "You cannot write to the clan chat.").

.security - general page on binding to HWID

.hwidlock - Linking an account by HWID (You can also in Community Board). Binding costs 1 adena

.hwidunlock - Unlinking an account by HWID (You can also in Community Board)

.hwidinfo - HWID binding information.

.acp or .atuocp - Automatic use of cans of CPU and HP.

.clanlist - Withdraw online/offline clan players, with the ability to see the last date of entry and expel from the clan (if you have privileges)


.hellbound - View information about HB.

.pflag - all party members will be shown the direction to the player's current location

.event_invite - disable/enable invitations to auto events

.party_pa - checking PA in a group

.party_inst - check cd for instances in the group

.password - password change

.km-all-to-me - summoning the clan of all players in the clan, requires 5 crystals from each responding

.repair - character recovery

.offline - take offline trade

.report - report a bot/spammer. It is necessary to highlight the goal.


/mybirthday - see the character creation date

/unstuck - teleport

/loc - current coordinates of the character

/partyinfo - group information




/gmlist - See which gamemaster is currently in the game

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