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There are 7 different types of talismans in total: Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Gray, Black and Orange, 11 levels each (11 level = Legendary).

There are no standard talismans.

All talismans are not shadow.

Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold.

There can be only one effect from 1 type of talisman (If you wear one orange talisman for Experience and one for a drop, only one will work). To see which one will work - see your passive skills.


A chest with a level 1 random talisman can be obtained by quest Into the Large Cavern or buy for g_aga_valakas_lifespring.jpg Red Adena in Talisman Store.

Upgrade to level 11 (Legendary) at the Talisman Store (Giran, Center).

To get the Legendary Talisman, you need to combine all level 10 talismans of the same color.



Ingredients for upgrades (different levels):

g_aga_valakas_lifespring.jpg Red Adena

talisman_stone06.jpg Talisman Stone: Blue - Drop from RB Ice Fairy Sirra. Cannot be exchanged/dropped. Teleport to RB in Community Board -> Instants

talisman_stone04.jpg Talisman Stone: Black - Drop from RB Black Lily. Cannot be exchanged / dropped. Teleport to RB in Community Board -> Instants

talisman_stone01.jpg Talisman Stone: Silver - Drop from 7RB

talisman_stone03.jpg Talisman Stone: Red - Drop in Monastery of Silence, with RB Anais and on Quest's The One Who Ends Silence

talisman_stone05.jpg Talisman Stone: Violet - Drop from Antharas and from mobs in Antharas' Lair

talisman_stone02.jpg Talisman Stone: Yellow - Drop from mobs in Dragon Valley

talisman_stone07.jpg Talisman Stone: Colored - Drop with RB in SOA and Quest's in SOA

favorite_coin_2.jpg Event Coin



Characteristics of legendary talismans


talisman1_en.jpg talisman2_en.jpg talisman3_en.jpg talisman4_en.jpg talisman5_en.jpg talisman6_en.jpg talisman7_en.jpg


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