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Gather the Flames

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Name: Gather the Flames

Required character level: 74-80
Type: Repeatable
Quest reward: Recipe S-grade weapon 60% and Rebirth books
Starting NPC: [Blacksmith of Flame] Vulcan


  1. Blacksmith Vulcan is collecting the Torches located in the lower level of the Forge of the Gods. You can obtain them by slaying the monsters within the Forge of the Gods. Take torch.jpg 1,000 Torches to Vulcan and he will give you a random S-grade weapon recipe.
  2. Blacksmith Rooney, who is wandering in the Forge of the Gods, is also collecting the Torches. Take torch.jpg 1,200 Torches to him and he will give you an S-grade weapon recipe of your choice or rebirth books.
  3. Monsters to be hunted - All monsters in the Forge of the Gods

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