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Take Advantage of the Crisis!

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Name: Take Advantage of the Crisis!

Required character level: 80+
Type: Repeatable
Quest reward: Recources, books, Recipe Dynasty Light Armor or rebirth books
Starting NPC: [Gray Pillar Member] Filaur


  • Gray Pillar Member Filaur in the Dwarven Village is worried about the recent appearance of powerful monsters in the Mithril Mines. If you defeat these monsters and bring him the proof, he will give you a reward on behalf of his guild.
  • Monsters to be hunted -
  • Grave Robber Summoner, Grave Robber Magician, Grave Robber Worker, Grave Robber Fighter, Grave Robber Warrior of Light, Servitor of Darkness, Phantoms of the Mine, Evil Spirits of the Mine, Mine Bug, Earthworm's Descendant

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