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Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1

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Name: Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1

Required character level: 79+
Type: Repeatable
Quest reward: Recipe Dynasty Weapons, resources or rebirth books
Starting NPC: [Head Researcher] Sobling


  • Researcher Sobling must go find the Giants' Knowledge Anthology possessed by the Monsters in the upper layer of the cave in order to study Giants' caves. If you successfully collect these from Etc_paper_black_i00_0.jpg 1 to 5 pieces, bring them to Sobling.
    • Monsters to be hunted - Klennot, Hamrit, Palit, Imagro, Cursed Lord, Cursed Guardian, Cursed Seer, and Herokai
  • Head Researcher Sobling asks you to take the mysterious book to Warehouse Keeper Cliff in the Town of Oren.
  • Show Head Researcher Sobling the "Ancient Language Dictionary: Intermediate Level". If you wish to continue helping Sobling, you must bring him relics of ancient Titans. Hunt yintzus, paliotes, hamruts and kranrots.

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