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Name: Necromancer's Request

Required character level: 63-77
Type: Repeatable
Quest reward: Resource and Adena
Starting NPC: Mysterious Wizard


  1. Talk to the Mysterious Wizard in the Forest of the Dead. He stands at the teleportation point from the gatekeeper from Rune Township. He will ask you to hunt vampires and the dead that appear at night.
  2. You need to hunt vampires and other undead in the Forest of the Dead to get quest items:

    Etc_bodypart_heart_i00_0.jpg Vampire's Heart:

    Devil Bat (68 lvl)

    Atrox (69 lvl)

    All Vampires

    Etc_bodypart_brain_i00_0.jpg Zombie's Brain:

    Corrupted Knight (65 lvl)

    Resurrected Knight (85 lvl)

    Corrupted Guard (65 lvl)

    Resurrected Guard (66 lvl)

    Slaughter Executioner (70 lvl)

    Guillotine's Ghost (67 lvl)

    Resurrected Guard (66 lvl)

    Ghost of Guillotine (70 lvl)

    Ghost of Rebellion Soldier (69 lvl)

    Ghost of Rebellion Leader (71 lvl)

  3. hen you collect Etc_bodypart_heart_i00_0.jpg 200 Vampire's Heart, return to the Mysterious Wizard and receive a reward of 120,000 Adena. You can continue hunting vampires by choosing the option "Say you'll go and bring more vampire hearts." (Or simply by closing the dialog box)
  4. Etc_bodypart_brain_i00_0.jpg Zombie's Brain you can exchange for the following materials at the rate:

Etc_reagent_gold_i00_0.jpg Mold Lubricant = 27 Zombie's Brain

Etc_gem_red_i00_0.jpg Enria = 32 Zombie's Brain

Etc_reagent_blue_i00_0.jpg Mold Hardener = 62 Zombie's Brain

Etc_adamantite_i00_0.jpg Adamantite Nugget = 13 Zombie's Brain

Etc_silver_mold_i00_0.jpg Steel Mold  = 20 Zombie's Brain

Etc_mold_i00_0.jpg Silver Mold = 35 Zombie's Brain

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