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The One Who Ends Silence

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Name: The One Who Ends Silence

Required character level: 82+
Type: Repeatable
Requirements: Completed quest Secret Mission
Quest reward: Icarus Weapon Recipes and Materials, SP Scrolls, Talisman Stone: Red, Rebirth Books
Starting NPC: Priest Greymore


  1. Talk to Priest Greymore between the first and second floors of the Monastery of Silence.
  2. Go to the Monastery of Silence and kill the Seeker Solina, Savior Solina, Ascetic Solina, Divinity Judge, Divinity Manager, Divinity Supervisor, Divinity Worshipper, Divinity Protector, Divinity Fighter and Divinity Magus monsters there, they should drop Etc_leather_gray_i00_0.jpg Tattered Monk Clothes.
  3. Return to Priest Greymore and receive a random reward.



  • Depending on the number of items brought, you can get:
  • Etc_leather_gray_i00_0.jpg 100 Tattered Monk Clothes - 1 Recipe or 1 Scroll SP and 1 Talisman Stone: Red
  • Etc_leather_gray_i00_0.jpg 200 Tattered Monk Clothes - 1 Recipe or 1 Scroll SP and 2 Talisman Stone: Red
  • Etc_leather_gray_i00_0.jpg 300 Tattered Monk Clothes - 1 Recipe, 1 Scroll SP, 1 materials и 3 Talisman Stone: Red
  • Etc_leather_gray_i00_0.jpg 400 Tattered Monk Clothes - 2 Recipe and 1 Scroll SP or 1 Recipe and 2 Scroll SP and 1 material and 4 Talisman Stone: Red
  • Etc_leather_gray_i00_0.jpg 500 Tattered Monk Clothes - 2 Recipe, 2 Scroll SP, 1 material and 5 Talisman Stone: Red
  • Recipe:
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Disperser (60%)
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Spirit (60%)
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Sawsword (60%)
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Heavy Arms (60%)
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Spitter (60%)
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Hall (60%)
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Hammer (60%)
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Trident (60%)
  • Etc_recipe_black_i00_0.jpg Recipe: Icarus Hand (60%)
  • Materials:
  • Etc_sword_body_i00_0.jpg Icarus Disperser Piece
  • Etc_sword_body_i00_0.jpg Icarus Spirit Piece
  • Etc_sword_body_i00_0.jpg Icarus Sawsword Piece
  • Etc_sword_body_i00_0.jpg Icarus Heavy Arms Piece
  • Etc_squares_gray_i00_0.jpg Icarus Spitter Piece
  • Etc_squares_gray_i00_0.jpg Icarus Hall Piece
  • Etc_squares_gray_i00_0.jpg Icarus Hammer Piece
  • Etc_sword_body_i00_0.jpg Icarus Trident Piece
  • Etc_squares_gray_i00_0.jpg Icarus Hand Piece
  • Scrolls SP:
  • Etc_trans_4f_s_b_01_0.jpg SP Scroll (Top-grade)
  • Etc_sp_scroll3_i00_0.jpg SP Scroll (High-grade)
  • Etc_sp_scroll2_i00_0.jpg SP Scroll (Mid-grade)
  • Etc_sp_scroll1_i00_0.jpg SP Scroll (Low-grade)
  • Other items:
  • talisman_stone03.jpg Talisman Stone: Red

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