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  1. new content would be cool, but i don't think adding just the vorpal set would solve anything - you would farm for a day or two and then the same problem with nothing to do would happen. ZPK said in another topic that adding BEWS/BEAS as some kind of a tradable (or farmable) resource would be cool, and i agree. At this point there is not even anything for me to log in other than maybe epics or DV quest for a chance at the enchants. I have almost max rebirths, my gear is at max as well, there is no pvp, there is no content that would make me farm for it other than the daily dv quest, which is boring. Why play?
  2. All i am asking is where did you get that number? you seemed pretty sure about 68%, now you're going down to 60% might be that you pulled it out of your ass? feel free to post the evidence you have and then tell me what does it have to do with the fact that we killed valakas
  3. by no means the stats of the video should be treated as the starting point of our damage, that's number one number two, did your "on hyde" guy kill the boss? no, he did not - then what does it change if there was someone else? "zpk was doing damage" my ass, poor guy was getting aggroed on cooldown this is how much damage you all did in 2 minutes and 59 seconds, by the way. We joined the fight when valakas was still well over 60%, maybe even close to 70% health. Don't try and tell me that we started to hit it when the video starts - this is the last 5 minutes recorded because that's as much as nvidia lets me. This is how much we did in 58 seconds for comparison
  4. yeah i would love to see some evidence backing that claim and even if, what does it matter when you were all dead when we killed the boss? on which server do you just tag the boss and let someone else kill it and still get the loot?
  5. magic weapons always had less chance to be successfully enchanted
  6. imagine how ridiculous you sound right now, you demand the epic respawn timers to be changed to static instead of dynamic and you also want them to be only comfortable for your time zone L M A O Eto rUssKij seRweR dawaI naM rusSkiJ resPawny vRemJa
  7. remember that your 18:00 is someone's 4:00. let the resp times be as they are.
  8. up; i'd really like to know how or even if it is possible to get to those places
  9. Don't get me wrong, the armor update was awesome, it's just the fact that people had to farm again for the sets they already had was the problem. And saying that the old sets will be disabled was just a spark in a pool of gasoline.
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