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  1. So I just entered the SoD instance for this week.... and I found this: no monsters anywhere, function NPC that you kill are not spawned either... and no Tiat. For some reason the energy seeds from seed of annihilation are present, I don't know or understand why... The characters that consist of my command channel do not enter with me either. I use escape and exit the instance (which does not trigger an instance to enter) and I re-enter again and again with the same results. Need an explanation.
  2. You're like an old radio station playing on repeat the same 3 songs. And nobody listens to a radio like this.
  3. I'm not interested in reading your autobiography, no matter how truly accurate it may be. LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU"VE DONE IS WHINING. "Oh they camp beleth mimimimimimi Admin put teleporter, admin change it somehow so they can't camp". "Oh admin instances are our only source of big ds, please make them daily or something". I remember when you went and took xforce's Goddard castle and what you were saying about Marinstar back then. Now you need the ressbot too much and you've become "good friends". I remember his posts in here and shouts in game about the botting on your clan and 1stteam. Now his spanked butt hurts too much and he's come to "hide under your skirts". PFfffff you are both disgusting af. Now here I am reporting racist behavious or a literal gamebreaking bug and your retarded brain thinks he can make it look like I am the whiner? Let me break some news to you little man, you are not smart enough to compete with me in here. I've ignored you so far, because you are literally the worst shit alive in here, but enough is enough. When you look in the mirror and talk about what you see in there, don't come to write it in here afterwards.
  4. So I can't use my computer to farm darks? Fine then I guess that 5kvt is as banned as I am since, if he's not using adrenaline on the southern seal, then he's doing the same thing for days and I have the 3 clips of different days for it. YOUR botting however is 100 times more banned than me and 5kvt.
  5. I don't know what zi is pal, but most importantly, we are not the clan that literally did a full team donate course and a 4 piece premium purchase at the start of the server. Frankly I have no problem to bot where I can use l2tower, but I ain't giving one penny so i can bot in L2. So be careful what you say, because in case you forgot, you are the first we have videos of your actions.
  6. Threats? In what parallel universe does the one who wins needs to make threats? Insults on TW? Like when 4uma was crying that we played TW and won the flags, and jastanork took a ban in the face for blaming the admin because they lost? I never even opened my mouth. I NEVER started talking first about ANYTHING. The ress bots of xForce that einwho took in their clan have titles like "revolution soon". When people like them were 2-3 lvls ahead in the weapon and the armor were pking everyone around, when we went ahead and hunted them back they got butthurt and cried that we are the bad guys. And the exact same was from half of your 1stteam and einwho most of all. So yea, you open your mouth to trashtalk, I'll trashtalk back and I am good at it also. And why shouldn't I, when I win scenarios that I should lose if you were decent players. BUT don't think it's the same as the crap that came out of your mouth and zpk's. You open your mouth to be a racist moron, I'll report you, you don't deserve to have a voice after that imo. But anyway, thanks for giving me another reason to call the rule 8.10 on your face also.
  7. huh? You saw anyone talking today that you won the epics? Even with the help of 1stteam's top players, I don't really care. I'll just grow my character and beat you guys. That's the game. Last valakas was totally different, then you lost and got the loot, which isn't how it should be. Period. Some people feel like saying "f it", I am not one of them.
  8. I hope for your mentality's sake that you don't hope, I care what you think...
  9. Sorry for me?! I am a happy man, a husband, a father of 2 children, I live in my own house, away from the city, I have my own garden, my own olive field, my own car, my own motorbike. You would either be happy for me, or be jeallous, you can't be sorry.
  10. As for you, you need to open a dictionary and learn what the word "accusation" means. I didn't "accuse" you of anything, you did, also using slander, without providing any proof. So, I ask the admins to take a look at the rule 8.10 that fits on your case.
  11. at least when tikito speaks, google translate produces a decent sentence. With you, even the AI has no clue what you are saying. But in case I got the message right, you think you won anything today? 1stteam, won something for sure and good for them...why not, competition is good. You won nothing. As I said in the game, your rabble is a bunch of ress bots for decent players, when they are not even lower than that.
  12. Well then since I got pushed into reading very carefully all the server rules, once the administration comes up with a decision of this particular matter, I ask to see the implementation of rule 8.10 for mr tikito.
  13. 4 days ago we got called "nazis" by Var (I should have been more devious and took photos of that as well but you got the clear this time), now we get called "nigers". Would you make up your mind already? Well then, time to see rule 3.10 in action.
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