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There are 15 levels of cloaks in total

There are black and white raincoats, which differ only in appearance.

Level 1 can be obtained from the Fabulous Feathers quest or bought for g_aga_valakas_lifespring.jpg Red Adena in the Armor Store.

From the 10th level of the cloak, you can at any time combine the cloak with any of the 4 Epic Cloaks: Frintezza, Freya, Zaken and Holy Spirit.


Ingredients for improvement:

cloak_ingredient.jpg Cloak Ingredient - Main loot for opening Treasure Chests. Extras: Reward for some quests and a drop from the Champion Box.

g_aga_valakas_lifespring.jpg Red Adena

kelbim_piece.jpg Dark Soul

kelbim_piece_high.jpg Big Dark Soul


Some characteristics of cloaks




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